A feast for the eyes and the palate.

A feast for the eyes and the palate.

Our restaurant.

We put a smile on your tongue.

At the Blume you eat and drink with all your senses. Whether it’s tea time in the Belle Epoque Room, a lunch or candlelight dinner in the Atrium Gallery – we serve fresh and healthy food with selected wines and beverages, beautifully presented in a unique ambience. Do you have special wishes? We are creative and offer you aperitif and banquet ideas made to measure.

A tradition at the Blume: wine from our own vineyard.

Viticulture is a constant with the Blume hoteliers. Even the former Blume hosts from the hotelier dynasty of the Borsinger family served wine from their own cultivation. Today, the homegrown “Ammonit” comes from Wettingen. There, Silvio and Patrik Erne own three parcels of a vineyard with Pinot Noir and Rivaner grapes on finest limestone soil.

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Lukas Rüfenacht

Lukas Rüfenacht Chef

Born in Aarau. Chef at the Blume since 2019. Epicurean. I love art. I love spending time with my family in the mountains.

Vadivelan Premaruban

Vadivelan Premaruban Kitchen

Born in Sri Lanka. I have been with the Blume team since 2021.

Teno Wiraphan Noppharit

Teno Wiraphan Noppharit Commis de cuisine

Born in Bangkok, living in Switzerland since 2008. Part of the kitchen team since January 2022. I love anime, sporty leisure activities and video games. I can usually be found in Baden.


Wicki Service

I was born and raised in Bad Zurzach. Since March 2023, I've been up before everyone else to prepare a delicious breakfast for the Blume guests. My passion is the world of art.

Silvio Erne

Silvio Erne Director

I was born in the largest village in Switzerland (Wettingen). I still live in the largest village in Switzerland. Hotel Tamer Extraordinaire – together with my brother Patrik. I am a Swiss certified cook and service specialist and I hold a Hotelier/restaurateur HF degree. If I am not at work, you’ll find me at, in or on the water or in the forest, and never without my dog. My credo: “Good food involves meat or anything from the water.”

Patrik Erne

Patrik Erne Director

Born on a hill in Wettingen. Host with heart and soul. I have run the hotel together with my brother Silvio since 2002. I like discovering the world but I also appreciate home. I enjoy quiet corners in my free time.

Made with skill, art and love: dinner is served!

Our best offers.


Unwind. Breathe deeply. Enjoy.

Masterful music is unthinkable without pauses. Pausing is important to catch your breath before starting again. Take a cue from Beethoven and put your “baton” down at noon until the next drumbeat. Treat yourself to a break at the Blume and enjoy our 2-course menu, which changes every weekday, and is always made from regional ingredients (with meat, fish or vegetarian). From Monday to Friday we serve our lunch wherever it is most beautiful – on dry summer days that can include our garden restaurant on the newly designed Kurplatz or our Gallery. Remember to make your reservation in time – preferably for the next working week. We gladly welcome you and your co-workers or friends and family up to a maximum of 12 people.

Price CHF 29.–
incl. water or a soft drink.


+41 56 200 0 200 or

À la carte

Our menu is our business card.

We are particularly proud of our kitchen. It is in this culinary workshop that the fresh delicacies with which we pamper our guests are created anew each and every day. The wonderful creations are designed and cooked by our Chef de Cuisine Lukas Rüfenacht and his team. Before we could win him over for the Blume hadin 2019, he had already convinced guests of renowned houses from Ascona to Davos, St. Moritz and Zurich. Take a look at our menu. The menu of the Blume restaurant reflects the high standards of the house, always striving to give the best for the benefit of the guests. Our menu offers you seasonal, freshly prepared delicacies, which you may arrange according to your taste, desire or mood.

Wine list

In Vino Sanitas.

In wine lies not only the proverbial truth, but also a source of health and vitality – at least when consumed in moderation. More than 2,000 years ago, when Baden was still called Aquae Helveticae, the vine moved with the Romans to the southern slopes of what is now the Swiss Mittelland. Own vineyards are attested in Baden since 1300. To this day, wine is as much a part of Baden’s culture as thermal water. Viticulture also has a long tradition in the flower. The homegrown “Ammonit” comes from Wettingen, where hoteliers Silvio and Patrik Erne own three parcels of vineyards. Your Räbhüsli with pond and playground is probably the most beautifully situated in Wettingen. For the traditional Räbhüsli-Sonntig, the brothers open their own pub there, the Blueme-Laube. In addition to its own wines, the wine list of the Blume Restaurant offers selected Swiss and international delicacies – as an aperitif, as an accompaniment to fine dishes or simply as a gourmet sip. To your health!

Menu suggestions for groups

Enjoying in company.

Whether birthday party, colleagues or club. For hosting larger parties of 10 guests or more, we offer carefully created arrangements as menu suggestions. You will be amazed at the variety of our cuisine. We always tailor our selections to the season, aiming to provide a variety of fresh and regional delicacies. You can, of course, add to or rearrange our suggestions according to your own taste. We are eager to hear your choices and would like to discuss your menu preferences with you no later than 14 days prior to the event. Please make an appointment with Silvio Erne in good time.

English Afternoon Tea

A cup of tea solves everything.

Drinking tea is probably the most famous ritual from the United Kingdom. The British attribute true miracle effects to this drink, for example, as a problem solver. Why not?! In any case, the soothing warmth of a cup of the finest Assam or Darjeeling is immensely relaxing. But English Afternoon Tea is more than just a cup of tea. It is a snack like our aperitif or coffee and cake. English Afternoon Tea is traditionally taken later in the afternoon to satisfy the small appetite between lunch and dinner. At the Blume we will be happy to welcome you for Afternoon Tea, for example after your walk through Baden, a long day at work or for a special occasion. Enjoy the finest tea arrangements with scones and clotted cream, sandwiches or tartes – served in our incomparably enchanting atrium. We are looking forward to your advance reservation.

Prices per person

  • CHF 42.00
  • CHF 48.00 with a glass of AMMONIT Secco
  • CHF 4.50 per additional pot of tea

Public dates

  • June, July & August summer break!
  • Sunday, September 1st 2024, 14.15 – 17 p.m.

    New dates will be uploaded 3 month in advance.

Afternoon Tea for you and your friends

Tea for 10 and more.

You may remember the song from the musical “Tea for Two” from Doris Day or Frank Sinatra. As romantic as the conjured togetherness over a cup of tea may be, an Afternoon Tea in the company of good friends can be wonderfully invigorating and cheerful. For this we offer a special arrangement in the flower from a group of at least 10 people. Are you planning a special occasion in a unique ambience? Whether it’s a birthday party, best buddies or a baby shower – enjoy an English Afternoon Tea with your loved ones in our incomparably enchanting Atrium.

Our offer from 10 persons (prices per person)
only on reservation

  • CHF 42.00
  • CHF 48.00 with a glass of AMMONIT Secco
  • CHF 4.50 per additional pot of tea

Candlelight Bath and dinner

Time for togetherness.

With this romantic arrangement you will experience an exclusive evening for two at the Blume. Surprise your loved one with a shared Candlelight Bath in our nostalgic double bathrooms. Ease into our thermal waters amidst a backdrop of candles and roses. After the soothing bath, nourish and care for your skin with the hotel’s own “Aqua Salus” body lotion, made with thermal water from Baden. With a glass of sparkling AMMONIT Secco from our own vineyard, we will then welcome you to the Gallery on the first floor, where you will enjoy your candlelight dinner.

Information and price

  • Arrangement for 2 persons at the price of CHF 215.–
  • Arrival at 17:00 or 18:30

Gift vouchers

Treat your friends and loved one to a gift.

Exclusive products available

Pamper your friends and loved ones with a gift.