Tradition, history and modernity.

Tradition, history and modernity.

Tradition, history and modernity.

Tradition, history and modernity.


Our story.

SINCE 1421.

For over 600 years, the hotel Blume has welcomed countless guests, including one or the other celebrity. During the heyday of spa culture, the Blume was the linchpin of spa culture. Today, this unique object under cantonal protection represents the rich history and contemporary renewal of Baden – a living example of the compatibility of tradition and modernity.

Modern hospitality in artfully restored rooms.

Elegant dining in the Ladies’ Salon: modern cuisine in a historic ambience.

The Belle Epoque Hall has been restored to its original 1872 decor.

A short time travel through 600 years of history.

Baden 1642

How it all began.

From the 15th century, the city of Baden with its Aquae Helveticae became a popular place for negotiations. Here the Confederates could do business and find diversion – also with many a sip of wine in the Blume first mentioned in 1421.

The coat of arms of the Breiten-Landenberg on a coat of arms disc. Pictured is a close relative of Gotthard II of Breiten-Landenberg, J. G. of Breiten-Landenberg, commander in Leuggern (1556).

Gotthard von Breiten-Landenberg.

On 11 December 1526, Gotthard II of Breiten-Landenberg was stabbed at the Blume. The suspected perpetrator: Jakob Seeholzer – the landlord at the time. Whether it was really him, and what his motive was, remains unknown to this day.

Imperial Count Peter Melander von Holzkappel (1589–1648).

Peter Melander of Holzappel.

In the early 1640s, Peter Melander, Count of Holzappel, stayed at the Blume several times. He was infatuated with the daughter of the then landlord’s family, persistently pursued her, was expelled, but always returned.

Imperial Count Peter Melander von Holzkappel (1589–1648).

Around 1800
Baden and its baths.

While the wealthy clientele bathed in prestigious bathhouses and in the vaults of the inns, others enjoyed conviviality and the healing waters in the pools in the open air.

Imperial Count Peter Melander von Holzkappel (1589–1648).


With the Spanish Brödli Railway’s maiden voyage in 1847, guests from Zurich arrive in Baden by rail for the first time. This revives “tourism” and heralds the golden age of spa culture – also at the Blume.

This unknown Blume SPA guest is enjoying an underwater jet massage.

Underwater jet massage.

Treatments with and in thermal water have changed over the centuries. In the 19th century, the gas steam bath at the Blume was a novelty, in the 1960s hotel guests treated themselves to underwater massages and today they enjoy the modern SPA.

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Patrik and Silvio Erne

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Silvio Erne

Silvio Erne Director

I was born in the largest village in Switzerland (Wettingen). I still live in the largest village in Switzerland. Hotel Tamer Extraordinaire – together with my brother Patrik. I am a Swiss certified cook and service specialist and I hold a Hotelier/restaurateur HF degree. If I am not at work, you’ll find me at, in or on the water or in the forest, and never without my dog. My credo: “Good food involves meat or anything from the water.”

Patrik Erne

Patrik Erne Director

Born on a hill in Wettingen. Host with heart and soul. I have run the hotel together with my brother Silvio since 2002. I like discovering the world but I also appreciate home. I enjoy quiet corners in my free time.

The Blume. A family matter and a matter of the heart.

The Blume was acquired by Heidi and Johann Rudolf Erne in 1972 and expanded over the years beyond its traditional spa and bath business. Sons Silvio and Patrik Erne took over the helm in 2002 and have since managed the hotel with great flair and foresight. The two trained hoteliers are carefully modernising and restoring “their Blume” in stages and in close cooperation with cantonal authorities for the preservation of historical monuments, without losing sight of the history and the face of the house. In 1578, the Basel humanist Heinrich Pantaleon wrote in his text on Baden that the Blume is “also a pleasant hostel”. A contemporary guest would put it this way: At the Blume you can live beautifully, bathe, celebrate, hold meetings and have a fine meal. Silvio and Patrik Erne offer pleasure for all the senses in a house full of (hi)story.

Organic cosmetics.

Aqua Salus.

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