Parties and celebrations.

Parties and celebrations.

Parties and celebrations.

Parties and celebrations.


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Unforgettable moments.

There are many occasions to celebrate parties: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or simply for the joy of living. The Blume has always been a place of celebration. However, it was not until the famous architect Robert Moser carried out an extensive renovation of the building in 1872 that it became particularly splendid. He created the Atrium as we still know it today by rebuilding the southeastern part of the building and covering the inner courtyard. This transformation led to the creation of spacious and elaborately designed halls and the Ladies’ Salon, all inspired by Parisian elegance.

Renaissance and Belle Epoque with modern event management.

Imagine receiving your guests in an ambience of charm and atmosphere. The aperitif is served in the lightwell of the Atrium. After that, the double doors open to reveal the impressive banquet hall with its ornate walls and high, intricately painted ceiling. You enjoy your festive dinner and engage in lively conversations with your loved ones. As the music begins to play, you think for a moment of the countless dancing couples who may have twirled on this historic dance floor over the decades. And off we go. Now it’s your turn. The dance is open!

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Aperitif suggestions

Toasting. Snacking. Flirting.

Abroad, people meet for “cocktails”, “get-togethers”, “tapas” or “wine and cheese”. In Switzerland we relax and enjoy our “Apero”. “Apero” is the name of both the event and of the food and drinks. In any case, this Swiss Apero is something very special. It is like a promise or a prelude to the evening, in the time between teatime and dinner. Sober connoisseurs simply call it “something for in between”. Particularly poetic gourmands compare it to a delightful flirt, and the Apero indeed provides this opportunity. Here at the Blume, we serve a good drop of wine and appetizers or finger food of all kinds for the Apero. And if you are in the mood for more, it can also be an “Apero riche”.

Menu suggestions for groups

Enjoying in company.

Whether birthday party, colleagues or club. For hosting larger parties of 10 guests or more, we offer carefully created arrangements as menu suggestions. You will be amazed at the variety of our cuisine. We always tailor our selections to the season, aiming to provide a variety of fresh and regional delicacies. You can, of course, add to or rearrange our suggestions according to your own taste. We are eager to hear your choices and would like to discuss your menu preferences with you no later than 14 days prior to the event. Please make an appointment with Silvio Erne in good time.

Wedding arrangement "Blume Bund"

After the "Yes!" a celebration with charm and style.

In over 600 years of hotel history, the Blume has seen countless glamorous celebrations and weddings. This spirit permeates our house, wafting cheerfully through our banqueting halls and Mediterranean-style Atrium. When the sun is shining, our wedding parties like to start with an aperitif in our outdoor area on the famous Kurplatz. Whatever the weather, our Atrium Gallery is literally “all round” and popular all year round. Directly adjacent are the Ladies’ Salon and the Belle Epoque Room, which have been lavishly restored to their former glory, with fine parquet floors and ornate paintings on the high ceilings. Celebrate your love here and be kissed by the gods and muses that adorn the ceiling mirror: Juno and Apollo, Salus, Clio, Calliope and Thalia. They are patron saints of the arts, patron goddesses of marriage and holy celebrations, and will bring you good luck!

We look forward to meeting with you personally to discuss the design of your celebration. We would like to provide an initial inspiration by suggesting our most popular wedding arrangement:

  • Apéro with in-house AMMONIT Secco and charming delicacies
  • Seasonal four-course menu that we would be delighted to curate with you.
  • Half a bottle of white or red wine from your own vineyard
  • 1 liter of Baden water, still or sparkling
  • Elaborate wedding cake
  • Coffee/espresso/tea
  • Floral decoration, if requested, by our florist
  • Beautiful printed menu

Package price: CHF 180.– per person (option without aperitif and wedding cake: CHF 155.–)
For overnight guests including 10% reduction on the daily room rates.

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