A modern house with a (hi)story.

The Blume still shows a piece of spa architecture of pre-industrial times, elegantly combined since 1872 with an extraordinary extension by Robert Moser. The house has been a listed building since 1967. As an object under cantonal protection, the Blume can only be modernised in close cooperation with the Aargau heritage preservation authorities. Under these guidelines and during ongoing operations, the house was in numerous stages over the past decades. In 1984, the facades of the older wing of the building on the spa square were renovated. In 1992/93 an exterior renovation of the extension by Robert Moser followed. From 1990 the hotel rooms were successively renovated and adapted to the requirements. Between 1999 and 2001, the restoration of the ceiling of the dining room in the Robert Moser wing took place. An appreciation of this work was awarded to the Erne family in 2003 in the form of the Aargau Heritage Prize. Silvio and Patrik Erne have continued this successful course of “gentle renovation in stages” after taking over the hotel management:

  • 2006 Renovation of the Schindler elevator from 1898
  • 2008 replacement of the glass roof over the atrium from 1872
  • 2009 renovation/restoration of the ceiling painting in the ladies’ salon
  • 2010 Room remodeling third and fourth floors
  • 2012 Installation of wet rooms in the last three rooms
  • 2013 Renovation/new construction Blueme SPA
  • 2015 Renovation/new construction laundry
  • 2015 Refurbishment of the historic oak parquet flooring in the Art Nouveau Hall.
  • 2016 Installation of ventilation / air conditioning in the Art Nouveau Hall
  • 2017 Replacement of the kitchen ventilation and new ceiling in the kitchen.
  • 2019 Installation air conditioning room third and fourth floors
  • 2019 Complete renovation of the roof over the Robert Moser tract from 1872/1873.
  • 2020 Banisters in the staircase and in the atrium will be repainted in the original color during the closure due to the Corona virus.
  • 2020 Cork flooring on the 1st floor will be replaced by spruce strip flooring during the closure due to corona virus.
  • 2021 Restoration of the ceiling & wall paintings in the Belle Epoque Hall.
  • 2022 Renovation of the facade of the oldest part of the building facing the spa square. Various works in the background: new office, new washing-up kitchen, new cooking stove
  • 2023 Air conditioning of the remaining rooms, 1. & 2nd floor, New heating with heat recovery from the thermal water, room remodeling. From 7 single and 2 double rooms 6 very individual double rooms are created